IP Portfolio in Corona Del Mar

Advanced Architectures has developed a comprehensive library of RTL modules to accelerate the development of a wide variety of products. We accomplished this by creating the fundamental blocks of many projects and adding to this across many projects so that we now have a comprehensive selection of modules.

Advanced Architectures's portfolio is available for licensing as individual modules, as libraries or the entire portfolio. We offer versions suitable for FPGA and ASIC on a single-use, multiple-use or perpetual licensing basis so that we can best support our customers needs and budgets.

We also offer custom development of individual blocks, combinations of blocks in order to create larger blocks or even complete chips.

Advanced Architectures IP portfolio includes:

Complete Systems:

Often a customer needs a complete solution, not just a collection of parts. Advanced Architectures is delighted to help. Our A2M, for example, is a complete microcontroller system that can be configured to provide exactly the features required of your project, but none that you don't.

We want you to feel like you’re a part of the process. The creative development is one of the most crucial parts of architecture and we want you to feel satisfied with the results. Our modern technology and great eye for detail allows us to create functional designs carefully crafted in concert with your own design and engineering teams.

By using items selected from our extensive portfolio we can reduce the time to market and development risk for your project secure in the knowledge that you are building with tried and true modules.


Our A2P (Application Adaptive Processor) has been deployed in many millions of ASICs. It is often deployed in deeply embedded systems that require programmable control yet with anonymity to the outside world. A2Ps are also deployable as DSP functions and have been used as small audio processing engines all the way through truly massively parallel engines for Artificial Intelligence applications.

Advanced Architectures team are specialized in the integration and design process. Not many people realize how important a bandwidth analysis plan is, we need to make sure the structural design also fits a performance and power requirement. We don’t want you to end up with design that may be functional but has inadequate throughput.


When it comes to tying all the blocks together that bandwidth plan needs to a medium through which it can be deployed. Our interconnect solutions work on multiple levels to ensure that not only are the bandwidths met but also that the messaging between blocks is secure and efficient. Interconnect should not create bottlenecks or excess overhead. Communications must be clear and concise.

We provide high-performance mechanism for the movement of large amounts of data. Another low-level mechanism to manage housekeeping functions efficiently and a high-level mechanism that can optimize communications and minimize system overheads


Advanced Architectures is NOT 'yet another mining company'. We have, however, developed and deployed complete Cryptocurrency ASICs for clients across the globe. We have developed a series of cores with extreme efficiency for deployments, currently, down to 7nm geometries.

In addition to this we have a next generation architecture that can accelerate both alternate cryptocurrencies but also Artificial Intelligence networks. We have over 25 years of experience with massively parallel computing systems that we can 'bring to bear' on these exciting frontiers!

Floating Point

We have been providing floating point functions since our first development of an x87 solution a long time ago. We have provided floating point modules to DSP and CPU applications as well as for purely embedded systems that needed floating point pre-processing. We support half, single, double and extended precision systems all compliant to IEEE-754.

Pipelines & FIFOs

Advanced Architectures is used to developing high performance systems for deeply embedded systems. Often these systems require very high speed movement and processing of data through complex pipelines. In such mechanisms FIFOs are often used to buffer an align data to be processed and even fork and join pipelines operating at different frequencies. Asynchronous FIFOs are a crucial part of these systems and ensuring correct operation over these frequency boundaries is a forever challenge in ASIC development. We have tested and proven modules that minimize the risk!

We also recognize that in the pipelines themselves we need to control the ebb and flow of data. Our pipe modules provide register-front modules that provide this functionality.


Advanced Architectures has developed numerous systems with many types of peripherals for ours and other commercially available processors. We do not have every peripheral you can dream of but we have most of the bases covered. If you require something different we are pleased to help and create a custom peripheral just for you.