Floorplanning in Corona Del Mar

Floorplaning is the starting step in ASIC physical design. It is fundamental in that all the rest of the physical design process keys from a good floorplan. For example, before building the house, planning for the exact location of each end every room is similar to the ASIC’s floor planning process. Just as in a building the flow between rooms close together and far apart determines the traffic that must flow the the floorplan. Similarly in an ASIC there are modules that need to be close with high volume traffic between and modules that rarely communicate but must get near instant access to the other module. Seemingly contradictory issues must be resolved in order to get an efficient floorplan.

Often custom modules are part of the overall project and their form factor is a determining force in the floorplanning.

The resulting Floorplan determines the size of the die, delineates the boundary and core area, and creates wire tracks for placement of standard cells. It is also a process of positioning blocks or macros on the die.

The following parameters are decided in the floor planning stage.

  • Die size, core size of the chip (rectangular or rectilinear)
  • I/O pad’s location
  • Plan for power
  • Row configuration
Advanced Architectures 3D Rendering

Your Key Resource During Floorplanning

Advanced Architectures has many man-years of experience dealing with the flooplanning of ASIC products. When we sign on as your architecture company we bring all our our expertise and experience to the table. Our physical design staff have built some of the largest ASIC ever, yes even larger than the largest GPU chips. Our aim is to create elegant solutions that are true to the design,

It's entirely understandable that you may not be well-versed in the development process, so we can also serve as an intermediary between you and the fabrication company. Think of us as your go-to resource from start to finish, here to answer any questions you may have.