3rd Party Manufacturing

Advanced Architectures has long experience in coordinating the whole product manufacturing and we can offer services at any or all stages of the process. For a typical ASIC based product there are several stages that must be brought together. The silicon chips themselves are manufactured in the selected foundry. Wafers must then be tested, diced, packaged and re-tested before they are ready for assembly onto printed circuit boards. The final step is assembly into finished system and final testing. There are often several different manufacturers in the this chain and a constant flow of parts for final assembly requires coordination of all these suppliers. Advanced Architectures has the expertise and partners to provide the management function for the entire process.

Excellent Customer Care

Above all else, our commitment is to our clients and their satisfaction. There is nothing worse than investing time, money and effort in a design, only to see it carelessly constructed. By acting as full time site representatives, our skilled team can prevent mistakes from being included in the final product.

By hiring us to supervise the manufacturing process, you are able to focus on your day to day responsibilities. With us keeping an eye on things, you don't have to worry about a thing.

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